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Choosing the right curtains

Curtains tailor made to fit

Today's interior design in Singapore, whether you are looking to simply refresh the look of a space or are considering a complete room redesign and makeover you should pay close attention to the features

A window is one of the main focal points of any room so dressing it correctly is vital. Overdress your window and it can look cluttered and overwhelmed. Underdress it and it can look bare and uninteresting.

Varieties of curtains in Singapore are huge and you will be spoiled for choice. Depending on your budget, custom made curtains are definitely a better choice to bring out the extra visual effect in a room.

Most curtains singapore comes with a warranty to give consumers the required assurance in their purchase.

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What Should You Consider?

Colour and Pattern

Colour is a vital consideration. Look around the surrounding and try to understand the colours that are already in use. What colour is the carpet? Are the walls painted or papered? Does the wallpaper have a pattern?

Your selection should really complement the other accessories in the room. For instance, if you have patterned wallpaper try using a plain curtain. If you add a patterned curtain to a patterned wall, the look can be confusing and unsightly. This is also the same for blinds selection.


You should select a curtain that will fit in with the style of the surrounding. If you are going for a fresh and modern look, then plain curtains with bold features such as steel trimmed eyelets look great.

For a space with period features, a more traditional style can be more suitable. Taller rooms can carry heavy drapes and pelmets well.


Meeting your requirements

What job do you need your curtains to perform? If they are simply for decor, then style alone should be the main consideration.

However, if you are looking for a curtain to keep out the light when closed, you need to buy a heavy fabric which will ideally be lined with a suitable "blackout" material. Blackout curtains are particularly popular in bedrooms and they come in an assortment of styles and colours.

Getting a proper care

Plan a fixed routine to clean your curtain sets either by washing or a vacuum cleaner. Dust often tend to get trapped in fabrics and getting them cleaned periodically will ensure your room is free of bacteria

Check the fabrics to ensure they are not sensitive to machine wash or else you will end up hand washing. Select suitable detergents will be ideal from unnecessary damage.

If you want fabrics that can be washed and ironed easily then avoid delicate ones such as silk, which will require specialist care that will incur extra costs.

Passion and style in Curtains Singapore

The windows in your home or office may not be the first thing that you think about when considering furnishings or designs, but they are often the first focal point that people will see and of course let in the light that shows off your designs. The way that you present your windows, from the paint decorating the frame to the drapery used around it can add enhancement to the surrounding.

It is important to get the correct window dressing that not only suits the style that you have chosen for the room but also the purpose that the curtain and the room itself serves. While cost is always something to consider, you can generally find a style that fit your needs across most spectrums of budgets.

As previously mentioned, the nature of the surrounding has to be taken into consideration, so it is a case of practicality and also style when making decisions. You should review the rooms and the type of impact you are looking to make with a drape.

Lounge / Living Room

This is where you not only entertain people, but also a place where you spend much of your own free time. So you want something that pleases you and also doesn't just fade into the background. Do you want to let in light or dark fabrics to give you a blackout for those late night movies? Strong colours to add to colour schemes within the room are often favourable.

Dining Room / Meeting Room

This is a room generally reserved for entertaining in most homes and offices, so you can really choose a curtain for that single purpose. Unlike the lounge, it isn't a day to day room, so if you want to give a certain impression to guests, this is the room that can be all about presentation.


It is a room where taste and practicality come into account. Most bedrooms will have a colour scheme or theme and it's important that the curtains integrate well. However, in a bedroom, the main cause for a curtain is to blackout the light. Heavy or lined fabrics will definitely perform well here (and are a must if you want a light coloured fabric) or choose the darker coloured curtain to stop light coming through.